Create Facebook Account & Tips for Privacy and Security in Your Facebook Profile

Create a Facebook Account

Here we show you step by step how to create a new Facebook account. Setting up your new Facebook account takes about 2 minutes - right after you can connect with your friends and colleagues, share photos, chat with the Facebook Messenger, or use one of the many Facebook apps.

Facebook is 100% free and does not charge any monthly fees. Facebook finances itself through small advertisements, which can be bypassed with an AdBlocker.

The official version of the Facebook app with Messenger is available for iPhone/iOS in the Apple iTunes Store: Facebook app for iOS. For Android, the Facebook app including Messenger is available here in the Google Play Store: Facebook app for Android in the Play Store. Facebook for Microsoft Windows Phone can be downloaded from Microsoft: Facebook for Windows Phone 8 / 10.

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Create a Free Facebook Account - Step by Step Guide

1Load the Facebook homepage in your browser

Enter the internet address of Facebook in your computer/smartphone browser and load the page by pressing the Enter key. At the beginning of the address, the abbreviation "HTTPS" should be visible - if yes, then the connection to the Facebook server SSL is encrypted. Create Facebook Account (Step 1) Once the page has loaded, you will see the form to create a Facebook account, on the right side of the screen, as shown in the screenshot. (On smartphones, the form is displayed as a fullscreen variant!). Create Facebook Account (Step 2) Now fill out the form for Facebook registration to create a new Facebook account for you. Enter your data one after the other in the fields.

2Enter data for Facebook registration

When creating a Facebook account, Facebook only asks for a few personal details. Facebook requires your first and last name, a valid email address (e.g.,, your self-chosen Facebook password, your date of birth, and your gender.
Enter your personal details in the fields marked in red one by one, as shown in the help image. (see screenshot) Create Facebook account (Step 3) To ensure that your friends can find you on Facebook, it is recommended that you use your real name on Facebook and also provide the correct address. A correct home address is required for Facebook apps that query your personal location (e.g. via GPS). To synchronize your friends' contact information with Facebook, it is important to use your usual email address that you also use in everyday life.
Remember your Facebook password and do not write it down. Never give your passwords to strangers, even if you trust them. Provide a valid mobile number in case you lose your password.

3Complete registration: Create your Facebook account - save & finish!

After filling out the registration form, you can now save your free Facebook account. Click on the "Register" button to create your new free Facebook account now. Create Facebook account (Step 4) After clicking the button, you will be redirected and can immediately add a valid smartphone number to your Facebook account - this is for the security of your profile on Facebook and is highly recommended.

?Error creating the new Facebook account?

Important Information:
All fields of the Facebook form must be filled out completely.
On Facebook, all of your private information should be correct so that Facebook can automatically find your friends and acquaintances for you. It is therefore optimal if you provide as accurate and complete information as possible about yourself, your place of residence, and your interests, etc.
Be sure to provide a mobile number on Facebook in case you can't log in anymore. With an SMS, you can then reactivate your Facebook account or reset your Facebook password.
Also, read the notes and error messages displayed by the Facebook system.

Links and references to Facebook:

Facebook homepage:
Facebook is a social network that connects people with their friends, colleagues, fellow students, and other people.

Facebook Help:
Official support and help page of Facebook, including FAQs, forums, and more.

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