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You can easily access your Hotmail/Outlook mailbox with any internet browser. Use a browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your computer/notebook or use the browser on your smartphone (all smartphones have a pre-installed browser!). The connection to Microsoft Hotmail servers is always protected by an SSL connection, and all your emails and other data are transmitted securely and protected.

Since 2013, and both belong to Microsoft; access to the service is still possible through all known domains. This login works for Hotmail, Outlook, OneDrive, MSN and

Accessing your mailbox with a browser is the easiest way to get into your email account. The mobile websites for smartphones/tablets are very suitable for use on the go thanks to their focus on mobile usage with responsive design. You can also access and synchronize your Hotmail/Outlook mailbox with apps for smartphones: The official version of the Hotmail/Outlook app for Microsoft Windows Phone is available in the Microsoft Store: for Windows Phone App. Here is the official iPhone app on iTunes, and the official Android version is available here in the Google Play Store.
You can also access your mailbox with desktop software such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook on your PC or notebook and synchronize your emails.

 Login to - Login - Step by Step

1Go to Hotmail/ homepage

Go to the Hotmail/Outlook homepage: You can either enter, or the old name in your browser.
Since both services belong to Microsoft (since 2013), you will always be automatically redirected to after entering the address.
Go to Hotmail/ homepage At the beginning of the internet address, "https" should be visible - this confirms the use of an SSL connection and increases the privacy and security of your emails and files: From now on, all content will be transmitted SSL encrypted. Then enter your login information for your Hotmail/Outlook mailbox on

2Enter your Hotmail/Outlook email address

On the following page, enter your login details for your Hotmail/Outlook mailbox. Regardless of whether your email address is or, you can log in to all your Microsoft mailboxes using this page (i.e.,,, etc.). Enter your Hotmail/Outlook email address in the first field "Email address". If your email address was created at, simply enter Enter Hotmail/Outlook email address Now go to the next text field to enter your password. Simply click on it with your mouse or press the tab key once.

3Enter your Hotmail/Outlook password

Now enter your Hotmail/Outlook password in the second input field "Password". Pay attention to accidental typos due to uppercase and lowercase letters or special characters. Do not let anyone watch you enter your email password. Never give your email password to other/strange persons. Enter Hotmail/Outlook password With the small checkbox "Keep me signed in", you can specify whether you want to stay signed in permanently - so you don't have to enter your password every time, but the disadvantage is that your password is stored in the browser of your computer/smartphone.

4Perform the Login and Sign In

The Hotmail/Outlook login is carried out when you have clicked on the button labeled "Sign in": You will then be redirected to your Hotmail/Outlook mailbox. Hotmail/Outlook
Your email address must be entered completely, including the "@" symbol and the full name of the Microsoft service:
  • for, for example,
  • for, for example,
  • for, for example,
Please check for possible typos in your email address.
Please watch out for possible typos when entering your Hotmail password.

5Your Mailbox

After a successful login, you have arrived at your Hotmail or Outlook mailbox. You can now send emails, create calendar entries, and store files online in OneDrive Cloud storage. Hotmail/Outlook: Your Mailbox You can log out of your Hotmail mailbox by clicking on your name or photo in the upper right corner - simply select "Sign out" in the menu. It is important that you log out every time you finish using the service - this is to protect your confidential emails and files on OneDrive. Always click on the "Sign out" button when you are finished with writing and reading your emails or managing your online files.

?Outlook/Hotmail Login Error or Issues?

Important Questions for Login Issues
  • Did you enter your email address completely?
  • Did you not forget the "@" symbol in your email address?
  • Did you enter your password completely?
  • Example address for
  • Example address for
  • Example address for

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Homepage of Hotmail/Outlook: Login to the free Hotmail/Outlook mailbox from Microsoft with OneDrive cloud storage, calendar, and more.

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