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Quickly and securely log in to your email account at Gmail with an SSL-encrypted connection - here's how.

There are several ways to access your Gmail inbox. The easiest option is the "normal" login with a browser via the Gmail homepage The Gmail account can also be accessed with a smartphone browser in an optimized mobile version. Simply enter the aforementioned Google Mail internet address into your smartphone browser, and Google will automatically detect when you are accessing your mailbox with a mobile device.

There is also a Gmail app for mobile mailboxes:
The official iPhone Gmail app is available on iTunes, the official Android Gmail app is available on the Play Store. There is no official app from Google available for Windows Phone devices, but there is the alternative app Gmail Touch+ from a third-party provider. The Gmail mailbox can also be accessed via 3rd party clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Outlook from Microsoft.

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How to log in to Gmail

1Go to Gmail homepage

Type in the address bar of your browser and hit the Enter key. The Gmail page will load. Google Gmail login: Load Gmail homepage Before the address, HTTPS should appear, indicating that the connection is SSL encrypted, ensuring your privacy and security on the internet. Always check for HTTPS at the beginning of the Gmail URL, especially if you open your Gmail account on public computers like internet cafes.

2Enter your Gmail email address

Enter your Gmail address including "" at the end of the address, for example,, in the "Email" field. Pay attention to possible typing errors when entering or punctuation such as the "."/period between the first and last name. Gmail login: Enter Google Mail address After that, click "next" to enter the password for your Gmail account on the next page.

3Enter your Gmail password

Enter your Gmail password in the "Password" field. Pay attention to accidental typos caused by uppercase and lowercase letters or possible special characters in your password. Please do not forget: it is important that you never give your Gmail password to other people, not even to friends or people you know. Gmail Login: Enter Google password If you mistyped your email address, you can click on the "Sign in with a different account" button to enter the correct Gmail address for your account and start the login process again from scratch.
Your email address must be entered completely, for example, Watch out for typos in your email address or password.

4Perform the login and sign in

To sign in to Gmail, click on "Sign in": after clicking the button, you will be redirected to your Gmail inbox. With the checkbox "Stay signed in", you can choose whether you want to stay signed in permanently or if you want to enter your login data every time you access your account. Google Gmail login: click the button and start the login In your Gmail mailbox, you will have access to all the usual Google features: write emails, access the address book, calendar, Google Cloud Drive, or Android synchronization for your smartphone.

?Gmail login errors or problems or otherwise failed?

Did you enter your Gmail address completely and without any typos in your password? Please check both inputs for possible errors.

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