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Create a New Google Gmail Account

Creating a new Gmail account is quick and easy, read on for a step-by-step guide.

You can create a new Google Gmail account with just a few clicks. The email address can be used immediately for sending emails, files, and photos. The Google account can also be used for other Google services such as Maps, YouTube, Google Drive, and Google Docs. Each Gmail customer gets 15 GB of free storage space in the Google Cloud for each email account. Setting up the Google account takes no longer than 2 minutes.

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How to: Create a free Gmail email account - Step by Step

1Opening the Gmail page in your browser

Open the Internet address in your computer or smartphone browser. Make sure to use an SSL encrypted connection - you can recognize this by the small encryption icon that should be visible in the address bar (before the URL!). Example Gmail account creation If you are a "mobile only" user, it is recommended to connect your Gmail account later with the free Google apps such as Gmail Mobile, etc.

2Start: Create Gmail account

Click on the link in the red marked area to create a new free Gmail account. You will be redirected to a central Google page to create your Gmail account. The Gmail account is not only used to access your email inbox but can also be used for YouTube, Google+ or the Google Drive cloud storage service. Example Gmail account creation

3Enter your data for your Google Gmail account

When creating a Gmail account, Google will ask you for some personal information. Here are some tips for entering information into the fields: Click on the "Next Step" button at the end of the form to complete the creation of your Gmail account. Example of creating a Gmail account
Please note!
Write down your email address - only remember the password and do not write it down anywhere! Never save the password on your mobile phone or if you use a public computer (such as in an internet cafe)! Never share your password with anyone, it is as valuable as the PIN number to your ATM card - you would never give that away either! Be sure to provide a mobile number for two-factor authentication 2FA in case you forget your Gmail password.

4Accept privacy policy, terms and conditions, and privacy information

Now you have to confirm the privacy policy of Google, as well as the terms and conditions and privacy information. The information and all relevant links, such as which data Google Gmail collects about you, are displayed in the overlay/popup dialog box. Read the information, scroll to the end of the text box, and then confirm: Click "OK" / "I agree" to be redirected to your Google email account. Example of creating a Gmail account


Google now displays your email address exactly as it was created and welcomes you with a personal greeting. Click on the red-marked link "continue to Gmail" to be directed to your Gmail inbox directly. Gmail example account creation

?Issues or errors when creating your Gmail account?

Please check if you have filled in all fields completely and correctly. The Gmail email address can only consist of letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9) as well as a dot "." as a separator. Remember to choose a secure password with as many different combinations of characters as possible; the password must be entered identically in both fields. Pay attention to your birthdate and make sure you enter the correct month, day, and year. The phone number must be a valid phone number in your country; otherwise, you will not be able to use this number for two-factor authentication.

Links and references to Gmail by Google

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Official Google Help for Gmail. Here you will find Gmail basics, helpful answers to your questions, and learn even better Gmail tricks.

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