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Current Bitcoin price in USD / $:

1 Bitcoin = 65465.58 USD / $

Time: 25.07.2024 - 00:18 (today)

Bitcoin price data is provided by:
Buy Bitcoin at the current Bitcoin exchange rate in Austria? For a Bitcoin account from Austria, we recommend the Austrian market leader in Bitcoin trading with the best Bitcoin exchange rate: For the secure purchase of Bitcoin at the current Bitcoin exchange rate in Austria, we therefore recommend the Austrian portal, operated by the Bitpanda GmbH in Vienna. always offers the current Bitcoin exchange rate as well as very low fees on your Bitcoin trades, making it the best and easiest way to securely buy and sell Bitcoin at the current Bitcoin exchange rate in Austria. The Bitcoin exchange has been in operation for just over 5 years in Austria.

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Advantages of Bitcoin and Bitpanda Bitcoin price

1 Worldwide Payment in Seconds

With bitcoins, you can pay worldwide in seconds. Bitcoin uses the so-called blockchain, a state-of-the-art distributed database in which all bitcoin transfers are stored. The bitcoin blockchain is publicly accessible and can be independently verified by anyone.

2 Bitcoin Payments are Secure

Payments with bitcoin, for example at Valve STEAM, are particularly secure: The transfer data cannot be manipulated or falsified - once a bitcoin transfer has been executed, it cannot be reversed. Therefore, you must check all data carefully before every bitcoin transfer. This also applies to the bitcoin exchange rate.

3 The Bitcoin Market is Highly Liquid

Due to the great popularity of bitcoin, the bitcoin market is highly liquid - you can now sell your bitcoins at the current bitcoin exchange rate on more than 150 exchanges worldwide. Transferring cryptocurrencies from one bitcoin exchange to another is very easy and also takes place in seconds.

4Bitcoin Price - worldwide and without arbitrage!

Just like with regular stocks, you have a worldwide almost identical Bitcoin price in your local currency. This guarantees that you can execute your Bitcoin trade with minimal fees and without arbitrage risk. The Bitcoin price is updated in real-time on all worldwide Bitcoin exchanges.

5Bitcoin stock - not available yet!

Unfortunately, there is currently no Bitcoin stock, so you cannot invest in Bitcoins through a normal Comdirect account, for example. If you want to buy Bitcoin at the current Bitcoin price, it is necessary to open a Bitcoin account at a Bitcoin exchange.

IMPORTANTSecurity advice for your Bitcoin account

For maximum protection of your Bitcoins, you should always activate and use all security mechanisms provided by the Bitcoin exchange:
Always provide a current mobile number for your Bitcoin account! The mobile number is not only used to receive and confirm Bitcoin transfers, but it can also help you if you forget your password for the Bitcoin exchange.

?Issues accessing your Bitcoin account on a Bitcoin exchange?


Did you enter the email address for logging into your Bitcoin account correctly and completely? (On Bitcoin exchanges such as or, the Bitcoin login always consists of the email address and your personal 2FA code). Your email address must always be entered with the name of the provider, such as:

You must enter your Bitcoin password without typos: This is particularly important if your password contains special characters such as "! "$§%& () =;:_äöü". If you enter your Bitcoin password incorrectly too many times, the Bitcoin exchanges will lock your account and you will need to request a reset of your Bitcoin account through customer service.

If nothing works, simply contact the Bitcoin support of your Bitcoin exchange. The customer service of reputable Bitcoin exchanges is usually available around the clock. For completeness: You can reach the support/hotline via, and support via

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Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency that allows for payment of orders online or sending money around the world. The current Bitcoin exchange rate of 65465.58 in EUR indicates how much you have to pay for a whole Bitcoin at the moment. Bitcoins can also be purchased in partial amounts, i.e. in small pieces. Bitcoin exchange rate / Bitcoin trading in Austria at the market leader
Bitcoin exchange rate USD / Bitcoin trading in USD at, one of the world's largest Bitcoin exchanges (USA):

Bitcoin on Wikipedia:
An article about the internet currency Bitcoin on Wikipedia. How it works, advantages, disadvantages, and more.

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